It can be difficult to separate your own thoughts and ideas about your business from your customer’s. When we work on content marketing Stern always remember that the second word in content marketing is marketing.

Marketing is the art of starting meaningful conversations, so if we look at producing a customer facing content marketing article, we want to first research and think about what our potential customer wants and what language specifically will appeal to them.

Talk to your reader when you write your blog. Imagine you are talking to them face to face. Think about WHY they would want to listen and WHAT you would like them to know. Next, consider what comes NEXT.

What would you want your customer to do once they read your content marketing blog article?

I would think you would want them to CONTINUE the conversation you just started with them. Good killer content written specifically for content marketing should make the reader react and desire to talk with you about the topic.

So, have you had one of your customers read your blog? Have you looked in your Google Analytics and webmaster tools to see if any of your articles are receiving traffic and then have a 100% bounce rate? (FYI bounce rate means how many people view one page and then LEAVE your website, so a 100% bounce rate would indicate that everyone is reading your content and then exiting your website.)

What we do at Stern is work on developing and constantly discovering your customer’s persona. What does your target audience want to learn and read and discover and what will make them say, “I want to talk to this company”. Rather than the typical “that’s interesting”.

Remember ALL content on your website IS content marketing. And a Content Marketing Agency like stern does not just write articles on your industry for you, a real content marketing agency takes the time to research and discover what content will lead to more conversations with your audience and your company.

Because after all, that’s the definition of Marketing.

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