Facebook Now Coming Out With Hashtags?

Facebook is a major player in the social media arena, so one would think that it would have implemented the use of hashtags long before now. However, up until recently Facebook has been hashtag-free.

However, as of last week the social media giant has jumped in the arena and launched use of hashtags for comments, posts, status updates, images and all things Facebook.

A hashtag is a word of series of words that follow the # symbol. The words are a type of explanation that falls into a group. When someone else is interested in the same group, they will search the hashtag and be able to find and read all of the comments associated with that hashtag. To simplify this, here is an example. This hashtag allows you to search all things related to the big day after thanksgiving sales that happen: #BlackFriday.

Hashtags can be very helpful in finding a group of just about anything you can think of. It is a great way to search social websites for specific information. With Facebook implementing this technology there are bound to be increased traffic on certain subjects. However, it all depends on how the hashtag is used. Because some people tend to use several hashtags for one post; it can and will make some posts difficult to read. This problem is also compounded by the fact that Facebook does not limit the length of a post. Therefore, before you add willy-nilly hashtags to your posts, be smart and search for the tag you have in mind. Chances are, it has already been created. Also, double check different spellings and the order of your hashtag words. While searching for your own hashtag, you may find a popular hashtag that is already being used, that will get you even more information than the one you had in mind.

Use hashtags to join and start conversations on the topic that interests you. With the number of Facebook users all over the world, chances are, you will find a plethora of people who are willing to discuss your topic, or pages that have been created specifically for your topic. This symbol and word system is a great way to find others who are looking for the same info you are.

Facebook has finally jumped on board the social media search by implementing hashtags to its site. This will help users and businesses to find specific topics in which they are searching. It can be a great advertising tool, if used the proper way. It can also let people know what you are searching for.

Jeremy is a tech blogger and writer for TopTenReviews, a review tech company outside of Salt lake City.