Are you new to Facebook advertising and not sure where to start?


Have you dabbled in Facebook advertising but not seen any major results?

Or have you avoided getting started because you were confused by all the options available?

Using Facebook for advertising can help you promote a page, app, or even an event!

The following are a few simple tips for facebook advertising that really work.


Goals. The first step is understanding what you want to achieve with your ad. Are you looking to build awareness for your company, drive traffic to your web site, promote a specific event or generate sales? Determine what you want to accomplish with your ad and set specific goals for yourself.

Page Likes. Facebook offers a number of different ad options that work to achieve different objectives. Start with the Page Likes objective – you’ll build your audience and encourage folks to like your page. More likes make you look popular, which encourages more people to like you in a domino effect.

Create an ad. You don’t need a Facebook Page to create a Facebook ad. You can create an ad for a website by selecting the Clicks to Website objective or the Website Conversions objective. However, be aware that Facebook ads not connected with a Facebook page will appear exclusively in the right column, not in the News Feed.

Audience. When you target your ads it’s tempting to get super-specific with your ad targeting. Resist that temptation. Ad performance comes down to how many people click – and they can’t click if you exclude them from your target audience. You may miss qualified leads with too many audience filters. To make sure you reach the right people, the best option is to make multiple ads and test them against each other. Very few know exactly where their buyers are and several ads give the perfect opportunity to find them.

News Feed. It’s a good idea to  allocate at least half your Facebook ad budget to News Feed placements. News Feed ads not only drive superior performance relative to right-side ads, but they also present several additional key benefits including increased mobile reach. In addition, split targeting into separate desktop and mobile campaigns, instead of creating one campaign for both devices.

Call-to-action. Have a clear “call to action” in the text. It may sound aggressive, but your ad must tell people what to do. Have a question or speak to the visitors’ emotions if a clear “call to action” doesn’t work. Look at your competitors and try to stand out.

Images. Eye-catching images that are unique and relevant to your products and services are a big driver in creating compelling ads. Pay attention to image quality and colors that stand out in News Feed, as well as keeping text to less than 20 percent of your image.

To become successful in Facebook marketing you need to test multiple types of ads with different content. Use the above facebook advertising tips and you will boost the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns.

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