Experience Pros, a nationally syndicated business talk radio show, has been giving positive business advice and featuring the top people in business all over the country for the past seven years.


Follow Experience Pros on Snapchat!

Follow Experience Pros on Snapchat!

To engage with Snapchat users nationwide, radio personalities Angel Tuccy and Eric Reamer have enlisted the help of Stern Inbound Marketing to create a Snapchat marketing strategy.
Using interactive screenshot voting, announcements about their radio show, and business tips, Experience Pros will bring real and  valued content and business advice to their new fast-growing Snapchat audience.

Optimizing their GhostCodes listing and including them in THE Snapchat blog (created by Stern) is also in the works.

For their 7th Annual Fan Braggin’ Gala in Denver, Colorado, radio personalities Angel Tuccy and Eric Reamer have enlisted the help of Stern Inbound Marketing to create a Snapchat marketing strategy in Denver to capture and share the essence of the gala. The evening will feature an awards ceremony celebrating the best businesses in Denver and recognizing companies and individuals who have been with the networking and business leads group for a number of years.


Snapchat, the breakout social media app of 2015, allows users to post videos and photos to their “story,” resulting in a compilation of content that’s live on the app for 24 hours. Users can apply special camera filters or lenses, fun stickers, and creative geo filters or sponsored tags to let their followers know where they are and what they’re doing. But what started out as just a “fun app” is evolving into a media platform that has unlimited possibilities — for brands, people, and companies.


If you secretly harbor the idea that Snapchat is frivolous or somehow a fad, it’s time to re-examine your certainties,” says Farhad Manjoo of the New York Times. “In fact, over the last year, Snap has quietly become one of the world’s most innovative and influential consumer technology companies.”


For the Fan Braggin’ Gala, Stern will creating a Snapchat account for Experience Pros to broadcast live video updates from the evening, taking over their account in order to broadcast the events to their followers. We will also create a custom, sponsored geo filter, so that other Snapchat users in the vicinity will be able to see the Experience Pros brand when they open the app. Additionally, we are teaching Angel and Eric how to use the app most effectively to market their radio talk show.


On any given day, Snapchat reaches 41 percent of all 18- to 34-year-olds in the United States. With 10 billion daily video views from over 150 million users, Snapchat has even overtaken YouTube, the original video content-sharing platform, in the number of views per day.


“Snapchat is the future for brands looking to improve their ROI through social conversations and engagement,” said Darrell Stern, CEO of Stern Inbound Marketing. “Traditional advertising is only reaching traditional demographics.”


“While you may think of Snapchat as ‘just a millennial thing,’ research has shown more people downloading the app are now over 25. It pays to have a Snapchat marketing campaign.”


Darrell has been a leader in Snapchat marketing for the past year and was a major sponsor of Snaphappen, the world’s first Snapchat global conference and awards in London, England. The top influencers on Snapchat include tattoo artists, chefs, bartenders, and comedians from all over the world who use Snapchat as a personal and professional marketing tool.


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