OK NBC Carson Daly and the Voice producers.

You can’t have a LIVE nationwide vote on Twitter! The show is on at different times in different time zones throughout the country. It was not until the end of the show when FINALLY a lower third popped up saying “voting is closed. Previously Recorded.” I feel bad for the MILLIONS of voters in Mountain Time and Pacific Time who could obviously NOT participate in this.

What you SHOULD have done if you understood TIME ZONES and technology is had the twitter votes LIVE in ALL TIME ZONES and then announced the WINNER on TWITTER the next day or way later at night.  Then you would have had a true nationwide vote.

REALLY I was shocked at Carson and the rest of the voice judges that would sit there and think that this Twitter voting would work.

LOOK if you are going to use social media to create a nationwide vote or offer participation, thats great, but THINK it through first.  The FUNNY thing is tweets are featured on the show constantly and you would think that the NBC staff would have thought this through.

I run one of the most successful inbound marketing and social media marketing agencies in the nation and I would NEVER have suggested this sort of live “voting” via Twitter where the winner is announced live.  I also feel VERY BAD for the contestants that MIGHT have won if ALL VOTES were truly counted across the nation.

So #EpicFail #VoiceSave. Next time think things through.

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