Email – The #1 Reason Why Your Business Needs a Mobile Compatible Responsive Web Design

While at the Success 2012 Seminar at the Aurora Convention Center last month, I received an email from a potential new contact on LinkedIn.  Under his email signature, I clicked on the link to his website.  Through my smart phone, his desktop site looked like an abstract painting. In this instance, I would be following up and checking out his website once I was back on my computer.  If he wasn’t a potential client and I clicked on a link that lead me to a website that wasn’t compatible with my smart phone, would I remember to check that website at a later time on my computer? Probably not.

We are transforming into a mobile culture.  We no longer need our computers to check our email. . . to check our FB page. . . to promote our businesses. Most business people are checking their email throughout the day on their mobile devices.  I rely on my smart phone for my connection to the world.  Leaving home without my smart phone is like leaving home without my wallet, incomplete.

Several million people, of which, a huge percentage could be your target market, use their mobile devices for EVERYTHING.  When emailing potential clients, I hope you would always be promoting yourself by attaching a link to your website.  Is your website ready for mobile accessibility?  Don’t know?  Go to your website on your mobile device. . . what do you see?  Does it look an itty bitty version of your website?  Does it look like abstract art?  If you answered yes to either of those . . . you NEED to learn about Responsive Web Design.   Around 85% of websites are non-responsive to mobile devices.  That could mean the 15% with responsive websites are getting the business of the 85% without!

What is your target population? What is the chance that they use their mobile devices on a daily basis other than making a phone call?  How many years have you worked to build your business?  If your website does not have a Responsive Web Design, you are possibly letting the 15% of those that do, take your business! In other words, Responsive Web Design shows the worlds that your brand 100% understands the mobile world we live in.

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