ECommerce Responsive Web Design with WordPress and WooCommerce


If you are planning to sell online and are already familiar with WordPress, WooCommerce an e-commerce plug-in for WordPress can help you get your store online fast.

Here are just a few of the reasons you should consider using the WooCommerce WordPress platform.

It’s an Open Source Platform

stern is a big supporter of open source software. Open Source means that an ecommerce responsive website development agency like us (and you) have direct access to all of the files that make the online store work. That means we can fine tune and adjust the software to our needs without having to pay a corporation for customization.

Fantastic pricing

WooCommerce in it’s basic form IS 100% FREE, and can be added to any WordPress installation with a few clicks of your mouse.

Fully Featured eCommerce Functionality

Shipping, Payment Gateways, and taxes are easy to set up using Woocommerce. Adding the UPS and USPS shipping add ons (additional cost), you can have your store calculate shipping costs and take payments using your existing Paypal account.

Let’s Take Your E-Commerce Enterprise Woo the next level!

stern has helped many small businesses like your succeed with WooCommerce and WordPress. With our help, support and training you will be online selling in no time, and stern ALWAYS uses responsive website design technology to make sure you store works on every phone and tablet.