SEO Search Engine Optimization WordPress JoomlaPeople search for images on Google and other search engines. Also search engines love images that relate to content.

In WordPress and other CMS systems such as Joomla! you can add an html alt tag, title and description to your images.

But let’s step back to the beginning.

How to optimize your images for Mr. Google and other search engines:

First, NAME the image with keywords that relate to the article or web page they are going to be used on.


Might appear on a page for a company that sells auto parts and fluids  for BMWs.

Your alt tag and description tag should also be keyword rich.

We have noticed here at stern that we are now receiving upwards of 12000 impressions on our website. But its not our pages, its our images which we have optimized so well for content marketing and other keywords.

So, realizing this we went one step further and included our URL in the images. First to prevent people from stealing our images, but second so that people searching for images using our keywords would SEE our URL

Add some images to your blogs and pages. After all a picture says a thousand words and a properly tagged image and bring in thousands of website impressions.

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