“Don’t Put All of your Digital Eggs in one Static Website Basket”

Darrell Stern CEO Stern LLC

Stern is a leading Inbound Marketing Agency Located in Aurora Colorado.

In the financial world and even in life we are told that the best game plan for success is to diversify. The most successful multi-national conglomerates know this.

In the new Content War that is happening across the web, and with the advent of social media and apps spreading (and perhaps contracting) website traffic to a few “app” like tools such as Facebook and YouTube, we can start to see how diversifying your digital footprint is important to expanding your brand’s presence.

The idea behind Inbound Marketing is figuring out what your customers are doing online. How are they behaving? What are their interests? What content do they read? The next step is to PUT your brand into the flow of this customer behavior. As you can imagine, this is not as simple as setting up ONE website for your business and ONE Facebook page and ONE you tube channel and hoping for the best.

stern has diversified its digital footprint across several domains, twitter accounts, Facebook pages and YouTube channels. When we launch a campaign we can instantaneously reach tens of thousands of people at once, or a small segment of followers who are specifically looking for our content.

So stop thinking about SEO and Page Rank and start thinking about diversifying your digital footprint℠.


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