Content Marketing (CM)

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Leading Content Marketing Agency Google inbound marketing agencyWe believe every business must have a content marketing strategy and a content marketing schedule.

The web has changed the face of marketing, or has it?


Word of mouth and a good old-fashioned recommendation is sometimes all your company needs to gain new prospects and leads.


Internet users are searching for content about your product or service before searching for you.


Producing non-promotional relevant content is at the core of the stern content marketing process.


Your Content is your SEO #GETSTERN content marketing denver aurora coloradoThink about it this way. You produce a better chemical to clean toilets than anyone else. It’s a new chemical and people are starting to talk about it. Your company is one of the only ones in your area to offer a product with this new amazing chemical.


So what comes first is an understanding that producing content about this chemical and its benefits is very important.


Becoming known as an authority on this chemical and knowing how to use it properly also will establish your company as the right one to choose.


Generating pertinent content to your industry becomes a gateway to establishing your business as an authority and reputable agent in your industry.


These well crafted informative articles become the basis for what is known as inbound marketing, or attracting customers to come to you because of the quality information they have gained from your published information.


The stern approach to content marketing takes a careful look into industry trends and customer behavior. As your Content Marketing Agency, we work with you to create content that attracts your target audience to your business.


It doesn’t stop there, Stern will then develop strong CTAs or Calls to Action which will be installed on every blog article we create. Leading the reader to make contact with your business so you can start a new conversation with a potential lead opportunity. This is the step most Content Marketing Agencies miss, and it is the reason why most content marketing campaigns fail to produce a measurable ROI.


If your business is B2B, we take a very different approach to our content marketing efforts with your business than if your business is B2C. Business content marketing must contain not only compelling content, but a tone of invitation so that your company subject matter and newsworthy information leads the reader to participate.


Finally, we measure the effectiveness of our content marketing efforts and content marketing performance through Key Performance Indicators (KPI) using tools such as Google Analytics, Google Trends and Google Webmaster Tools.


Going back to our first step, search engine optimization, this additional content leads search engines to further believe that your company is a reputable resource for information on your product or service, raising rankings.


But, how do we get people to notice this content, how do we get the discussion going?


We certainly don’t stand in a corner and whisper this information to ourselves, we become social.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][action type=”normal” target=”_self” link=”” link_text=”Social Media Marketing”]

We must now deliver your targeted content to the people and businesses who will value your product or services the most.

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