Darrell Stern CEO Stern LLC has been nominated for a 2014 Rule Breaker Award. Darrell Stern CEO Stern Nominated for Rule Braker Awards inbound marketing responsive web design

“I am honored that my clients believe I am worthy of receiving a 2014 Rule Breaker Award. I have been breaking industry rules for Responsive Web Design and Inbound Marketing for over a decade by explaining everything I do in Plain English.”

Darrell Stern – CEO Stern LLC

Stern LLC started as a web design and digital marketing agency in 2002 and has grown to compete with large agencies by pricing projects on a scale based on real work and ethics. Mr. Stern also as an educator has taught and coached hundreds of small to medium sized business owners on HOW responsive website design really works and how to create compelling Inbound Marketing Campaigns.

As Stern LLC marches forward, our commitment to comprehensive Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing and WordPress Responsive Web Design will never cease, and our campaign to forever end the unfair “techno babble” being used by our competitors will never end.

To nominate Mr. Stern click on the logo to the right and use darrell at sterndmb.com for email address.

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