Content marketing is a very effective advertising strategy to use online provided what you write meets certain criteria. The focal point of your content strategy should be to create reading material that is easy to understand but it does not end there!

To get the best results when circulating content as an advertising strategy online here are 5 criteria you want to be sure your reading material addresses!


The backbone of your content strategy is to create something that will help educate those people with an interest in the subject or niche. If your reading material does not offer anything new or of interest there is little incentive for people to view any future publications by you. Give them something that will make them want to return!

Attracts Search Engines

Yes this means to optimize what you compose but relax since it is not so hard! Simply choosing and placing applicable keywords or phrases in what you compose will make it easier for people to find this reading material. By doing so you are giving the search engines a way to ‘categorize’ your content so they can offer it up to people in search of such information!

Builds Credibility

In a nut shell your information needs to be accurate (and useful always helps as well) since this is the only way to build credibility! Winging it is only a short term solution that will catch up with you and besides this strategy always targets the long term! Get your information ‘straight’ and keep it reliable because you do not want to waste your efforts or damage your reputation online!

Builds Relationships

You do not have to develop deep friendships but at least compose your content in a way that is easy to read. If your reading material is useful, informative or even entertaining viewers will be even more attracted since it is easy to understand as well! When you are attempting to make a point or communicate a message online do not make it a challenge for others to figure out what it is you are trying to say. Make the process as easy as possible!


As stated previously an effective content strategy is considered to be more of a process and not somethings that produces results overnight! With that said the consistency of your efforts and the quality of what you create will have a huge influence on the effective of this advertising strategy! A consistent effort in the aforementioned areas will build up a loyal following that will regard you as an authority. Being able to deliver useful and accurate material in a way easy for them to understand truly DOES make you an authority!

Content marketing can be a very powerful advertising strategy to use online but to make the biggest impact your reading material must meet certain criteria! The 5 areas you want to be sure your content strategy addresses are discuss above and will contribute towards increasing the overall effectiveness of this campaign. By paying a little more attention to these details you will be able to create reading material that will really help your business grow!