Content Marketing for Engagement and SEO

Content Marketing is the creation of valuable content to attract and engage your target audience. The point of content marketing is to interact with customers, encourage them to look to you for information, and – ultimately – drive revenue. Yes – you can drive revenue by utilizing content marketing. It gives you a way to stay in touch with clients, stay top-of-mind, and build a relationship that makes customers want to buy your product or service. Additionally, content marketing can help enhance your website’s search engine optimization. It’s an inexpensive way to enhance your SEO, providing you an solution.

What is it and why do it? There is one thing that content marketing ISN’T. It isn’t a channel for distributing a sales message. Content marketing allows you to attract leads without sounding -salesy.- That’s what makes it different from other forms of media. Instead of overtly selling, you offer information that provides value to your target market by giving advice, solving a problem or suggesting best practices. The concept of content marketing is that, if we provide valuable content regularly, the customer will reward us by giving their business and brand loyalty.
In addition to being relevant and valuable to the consumer, content must also be of high quality. That means it should be written by a skillful writer who has some level of expertise for the subjects on which they write. High quality content is proofread and free of spelling and grammar mistakes. Additionally, it must be easy to read and understand. Using industry jargon can turn off readers.

Where does this content go? There are many venues for content. The most popular and valuable include your website’s blog, your weekly or monthly company newsletter, or downloads such as white papers or e-books. You can also submit high-quality articles to popular article websites. How do I know what to write?

The best way to get ideas for writing is to first listen. This means searching different areas of the Internet to find out what your target audience and industry leaders are writing about and discussing. Check LinkedIn to see what your connections are talking about in posts, business pages and question forums. Look for ideas at industry events. You may get new ideas by listening to the topics speakers present. Create a Google Alert that sends you the latest news and blog posts related to your industry. That way, you you’ll get ideas for timely topics.

How does content creation help SEO? The more pages you add to your website, the better your SEO becomes. Keep in mind every time you write a blog post, it adds one more page to your website. Google likes to see websites that include a large number of pages, but those pages must have relevant information on them. Blogs help serve this purpose well because every post adds a page with very relevant content, and you can easily include your SEO keywords in that content.

Additionally, when you contribute high-quality, relevant, helpful articles to article websites, you can include links to your website within them. These can provide valuable backlinks to your website. In today’s online world of thousands of marketing messages, great content makes a consumer stop, read, think and take action. Adding content to your Internet marketing mix along with social media and can strengthen your ability to be a visible, relevant resource to your clients and customers.

I would love to help you launch a new Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, and Social Media Marketing strategy that will deliver qualified leads for your B2B or B2C business.

It all starts with a Stern Storming Session.

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