Before we answer that question consider how your own behavior has changed and what marketing strategies have worked on you. Are you using a DVR to record TV shows and skipping through commercials? Are you throwing out all of the direct mail postcards and coupons you receive? Are you reading blogs and sharing content yourself that you enjoy?

If so, you are already experiencing the result of content marketing in your lifestyle. Content Marketing is the practical use of creating, publishing and broadcasting killer well-written content that will appeal to a predetermined target audience.

Without “selling” and without a “sales-pitch” content marketing attracts and captures leads and prospects for your business that are highly interested in the area and themes around which your company does business.

Content Marketing can establish TRUST and Brand Awareness which can then generate ongoing consumer loyalty and an increase in overall revenue.

How did YOU arrive at this website? If you were searching FOR content marketing or for a leading content marketing agency, then we have right before your very eyes used content marketing to bring you to us.

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“Content Marketing Works!”

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[/sws_2_column][sws_2_columns_last title=”What is a Content Marketing Agency”] A Content Marketing Agency assists your business by creating compelling and targeted content for your business.

stern, a content marketing agency works with you and your staff to collaborate on fresh, inviting and informative content. We create killer blog articles, landing pages and website content that draws your visitors to take action either by sharing the content with others or by clicking a “call to action” button which serves as a lead capturing device.

Content Marketing is just one part of what we call Inbound Marketing. When your targeted audience reads the content created by us working together, we want to be sure that we track and monitor the results and funnel those who take action down a personalized path to become a sale for your business using marketing automation.

stern, a content marketing agency located in Aurora Colorado has had great success using strategic and well written killer content to help it’s clients grow their business online through content marketing.

We would love to speak with you about Content Marketing and what we can do together to increase your sales leads and profits through content.

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