Content Marketing 101 Ten Types of Content that Work

Content marketing is an online marketing practice of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.

But, what types of content actually drive customers to take action. What content moves people to share information and respond?

Here is a list of the 10 types of content that works when developing content for your marketing strategy.

Content that reveals secrets. People love to know something other people don’t. Be creative and tempt your online audience with little known facts about your industry or product.

Content that reminds us that dreams can come true. An inspiring success story is always a great read especially if the success came about because of something your company did for a client.

Content where David defeats Goliath. A classic tale of a business that started from humble beginnings and now is dominating the industry because they did something different always attracts attention.

Content that reminds us that we matter. Encouraging people to take action, speak out, and express themselves can lead to more attention for your business.

Content that confirms our assumptions. Lets get the record straight. Let your readers know that something IS really true and what they need to do as a result of this fact.

Content that has unexpected twists. You can’t go wrong with a surprise ending.

Content that tells us a story. Our civilization was founded on great morality plays and literature. Both fiction and non-fiction help us visualize better ways to live and work in society.

Content that challenges our assumptions. If you can define a term in your industry correctly and justify it you will appear with more authority than your competitors.

Content that inspires us to action. ALL content marketing should accomplish this task. Without a call to action, your readers may be amused, but they will not ACT.

Content that makes us laugh or smile. My personal favorite, a good funny story spreads faster than any other type of content. Bring HUMOR to your content and watch your story spread like wild fire.

The stern approach to content marketing involves meticulously conversing with our clients and performing targeted marketing research to create content that generates a reaction from readers and broadens the scope of a company’s visibility and search engine rankings.

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