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Eric:  Hey, welcome back to the Experience Pros radio show, the most positive business talk show in America. Angel is still on vacation, but her 6-inch bobblehead is in the studio with us, and also in the studio with us is Darrell Stern — Darrell Stern of Stern DMB: Design, Market, Brand — Stern Inbound Marketing. And, Darrell, when we started our-our video screen we, we just kinda threw up the, the, the Snapchat app.

Darrell: Right.

Eric: And, and just kinda threw that to the camera.

Darrell: Mm-hmm.

Eric: not sure why we did that. Why, why —

Darrell: Well, I was showing — I was showing my code.

Eric: Oh you were showing the, the Snapchat code. Oh.

Darrell: Yes. So you [crosstalk][00:44] hit the [phonetic][00:44] post at the top, right?

Eric: I can do that, yeah.

Darrell: And then we [crosstalk][00:46] show our Snapchat code to [crosstalk][00:47] everybody, so everybody who takes a screenshot of this, if you’re watching this on your phone on YouTube, or if you just pause the YouTube right now, you can take a screenshot, and [crosstalk][00:57] follow us — yeah, and, and then you can Snapchat us and add us.

Eric: Yeah, okay. And then you can Snapchat us. So Darrell, Snapchat’s fairly new, for me, and by “fairly new” I-I’m less than a week old, I think, into the world of Snapchat. but you-you are pretty p-pumped about this. You took a trip all the way to London [crosstalk][01:15] to, to-to absorb and be around some of the world’s best Snapchatters [crosstalk][01:21] around.

Darrell: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

Eric: Why are you so excited about this?

Darrell: Well, it-it-it — there’s — it’s a different experience than other social media, and some statistics are-are astounding. There’s more video being watched on Snapchat now than Youtube, in a day, which sounds astounding.

Eric: Let me just, let me just…it is astounding, because the video is created in 10-second increments. That’s it.

Darrell: Right. 10-second increments, and then you make another 10 seconds, and you make another 10 seconds, and you make a story [crosstalk][01:51] that goes throughout the day.

Eric: Correct. Yeah.

Darrell: So, here’s how to — here’s how to put this into the real world, [crosstalk][01:56] okay?

Eric: Yeah?

Darrell: The great Snapchatters are creating — their accounts become channels, right?

Eric: Right.

Darrell: Just like you would watch the Discovery Channel or National Geographic, or even CNN for [crosstalk][02:06] your politics or a business news channel for your business.

Eric: Sure.

Darrell: So, at the end of the day, it — how the world is changing is, especially with the young demographic, is instead of turning on, like, your favorite TV show, you go and you say, “Well, I’m going to go watch my friend’s channel, or this company’s channel, or this person that I really admire’s channel,” and watch their quote-unquote “Snapchat story,” or show, or broadcast [crosstalk][02:30] for the day, which is a movie that they put together, that has amazing content.

Eric: Yeah.

Darrell: Some people are doing funny things and telling jokes. Other people are doing business tips, like, when I got you guys on Snapchat last week, I was like, “Well, let’s do some business tips, let’s show a tour backstage of the, of the, of this radio station” – ‘cuz a lot of people, I don’t know any other Snapchatters that have their own radio show [crosstalk][02:52], so that’s pretty interesting to show, you know, behind the scenes, and also give people value — give people content that they will enjoy.

Eric: Right.

Darrell: And again, it’s entertaining. The best Snapchatters are entertaining.

Eric: Yeah.

Darrell: At the same time, they’re a little bit autobiographical, [crosstalk][03:10] I mean…they’re…yeah.

Eric: So — I was, I was watching Joe Rogan on, Netflix yesterday, and Joe Rogan, of course, you probably recognize the name from, Fear Factor. He was the host of Fear Factor [crosstalk][03:20] for its entire, series, and he was talking about how certain people have made millions of dollars doing nothing but selfies and stuff on Instagram [crosstalk][03:29] and so on.

Darrell: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

Eric: This is kind of like that.

Darrell: Yes.

Eric: The, the, the average user — except this is video.

Darrell: Yes.

Eric: And you can link those videos together in the form of a story.

Darrell: Right.

Eric: The story is no more than 24 hours, because after 24 hours, they drop off.

Darrell: Right.

Eric: But you, like you said, the-there’s um… an, and [crosstalk][03:47] appeal to it.

Darrell: There’s memory. Yeah, there’s memories to that story that all the [crosstalk][03:51] stuff that you do, so you can rebroadcast them and all of that, yes.

Eric: Sure, sure. But the people that are doing this are not, um…they’re not — there’s not a lot of businesspeople doing it. You see an open market?

Darrell: I see an op — okay, so here’s the importance of getting into Snapchat now, [crosstalk][04:06] rather than waiting on ’til the future.

Eric: Yeah?

Darrell: If we started a Facebook page today, we’ve kind of got some competition.

Eric: Sure.

Darrell: If we started a Twitter account, you know, we’ve got some competition. People are way ahead of us, but in Snapchat, in business, there aren’t many businesses, especially local businesses, that are on Snapchat, so it’s a good way to start. If-if you said, “I could have the very first Facebook page,” like right now — [crosstalk][04:27] if we could say —  if we could go back in time and say, “Let’s start the very, very first Facebook page,” where could you be today?

Eric: Right. Sure.

Darrell: You know, if you if you knew everything that — you know the old saying, “If we knew now what we knew back then…”

Eric: Right.

Darrell: So, the reason to get on to Snapchat right now and start doing your stories and start establishing your following, is that it is new. It is exploding, and more and more people are coming to it. Now, some businesses like NASDAQ and HP, if you go NASDAQ’s, Snapchat, channel —

Eric: NASDAQ has a Snapchat?

Darrell: Oh yeah, and they’re very good at it. They show you the opening bell. They show you to the closing bell. They show you behind-the-scenes, they tell you which stocks are doing well, which companies they predicted would do well this year, and now have done well, and there’s lots of actually great advice.

There’s another guy called [phonetic][05:01] CashnSnap, who talks about financial advice and holiday shopping, and how store credit cards aren’t really the way to go, because that’s his, you know, industry. There’s other people that love, music and lip-synching and get people involved. The great thing about Snapchat is the audience participation.

Eric: Sure.

Darrell: ’Cuz it’s so easy to get that. The interface of it is so easy. I’m watching a Snap, I can hit the chat at the bottom, and it pops up, and there [crosstalk][05:36] I can comment.

Eric: You can, you can type a comment or [crosstalk][05:39] you can click the button and shoot a video.

Darrell: I can type a comment, and I — and I can record a video comment [crosstalk][05:43] and send it right to one person, a whole group of people — we even put out a blog recently about how to increase employee engagement using Snapchat.

Eric: Yeah.

Darrell: So, picture this: your entire team on your, in your department is on Snapchat, and your manager is able to send everybody a video message that then everybody can respond to and talk back to, even if you’re working in remote locations. Or, let’s say even the CEO of your company — you now have access to that [crosstalk][06:11] person.

Eric: Yeah. Looking at some of these, Snapchat, statistics, believe it or not, it just launched September of 2011, right?

Darrell: Mm-hmm.

Eric: And has now 150 million daily active users.

Darrell: Yep.

Eric: it’s got 60 million daily active users, in the US and Canada alone. there’s all kinds — percentage of Snapchat daily active users in the US and Canada: 40 percent. number of Snapchat daily active users: 50 million. It’s just — the, the numbers just keep on comin’ and keep on comin’. And, and it’s — it’s is very in-interactive. It is very engaging, and it’s a way for brands to connect with a younger demographic that will soon be moving into the marketplace.

Darrell: Well, yeah. People say, “But, but that’s not my demographic. But that’s not — you know, those aren’t my customers.” [crosstalk][06:59] You know, these young people.

Eric: They will be.

Darrell: And I say, “Well, they will be.”

Eric: Right.

Darrell: Where will they be in five years and 10 years?

Eric: Right.

Darrell: They’ll be buying houses, they’ll be buying cars, they’ll be — you know what I’m saying.

Eric: And, and who [crosstalk][07:08] they —

Darrell: Investing and all of that.

Eric: Who will they be investing in? The people that connected to and found a-a relevance with back five years ago.

Darrell: Exactly, you know.

Eric: Right.

Darrell: More and more people are doing this, this sort of very interactive, very social-engaging type of material than they are just posting on Facebook and all of this kind of stuff. This is a whole new medium.

Now, there are special effects that you can do. There are — you can put a code — like, we have a code for our Snapchat white paper. Eric’s taking a Snap of me right now. That’s at, and if you go there, you can download our white papers on Snapchat and Instagram, and you can put that into your Snap, right? You can type it in, and tell everybody to screenshot it. You can even do this fun activity: let’s say you’re do — you want to do a quiz — right? — [crosstalk][08:01] about which story would you like to hear, you know, next on [crosstalk][08:03] the show, or on tomorrow’s show.

Eric: Yeah. Next on the show. Right. Yes.

Darrell: Like, you start this plot, where tomorrow’s show is based on your [crosstalk][08:09] Snapchat audience.

Eric: Right.

Darrell: You say, “Hey, would you like to hear this wacky story about this, this clown took over the, the muse and — “ I don’t know what, you know, [crosstalk][08:16] the different stories that you do, “ — or this story?”

Eric: Yeah, sure.

Darrell: “Screenshot the one you like best.”

Eric: And by screenshotting, they’re actually voting, because Snapchat tells [crosstalk][08:25] me how many people…

Darrell: It tells you how many people — right — Snap-screenshotted each and every part of it. So, that type of interaction is different. On YouTube, we — say we had 1,000 viewers. We don’t know who they are, [crosstalk][08:37] right?

Eric: Right.

Darrell: On Snapchat, I can click a button and see who all the 50, 100, even 100,000 people are who watched my video. [crosstalk][08:46] That 10 -second clip.

Eric: Are there, are there — in the 150 millions users, are-are there people who have large accounts like that?

Darrell: Oh, yeah. There are —  [phonetic][08:54] GinnyCanBreathe has over, I believe it’s 20 million [crosstalk][08:59] viewers.

Eric: 20 million viewers?

Darrell: Yep. Per month.

Eric: A young lady who Snaps 20 times a day, as she goes through her day, from waking up to going to bed.

Darrell: Now, now here — so, here’s how she did it. Here’s a little clue. When she decided, “I’m going to devote my life to Snapchat,” she took pictures of her Snap code, mailed them to people — sent them out. Probably gave them to everybody — like, physical cards.

Eric: A Snap code is, is like a QR code, with the little ghost and, and a picture in the middle.

Darrell: Exactly. So, if you’re looking to get your brand onto Snapchat, if you’re wondering, “What kind of stories can we tell?” We’re actually starting to do training locally here in Denver, and we also have our white papers, and we would love it if you would contact us, and we can help your company — even if it’s a local company, a pizzeria or bar or whatever, anywhere nationwide, develop a Snapchat strategy.

Eric: Alright, so how do people contact you?

Darrell: 303-353-4354, or you can visit

Eric: Alright. Do the phone number one more time.

Darrell: 303-353-4354.

[background music fades in][09:58]

Eric: I’m takin’ a class from Darrell Stern. He’s going to teach that in the Denver market. If you’d like more information about that, call that number, and we’re doing that tomorrow, but he’s available to do it pretty much any time. Darrell, thanks for helping us. We appreciate you. Folks, don’t go anywhere. More positive business talk. This is the Experience Pros Radio Network. We are Snapchat-enabled.