When out of the blue you receive an email, Facebook message, tweet or text that appears to be FROM those companies or your bank, do NOT under any circumstances click on the LINK in the message or email.


Here is how to tell the link is FRAUD and is an attempt to steal your identity or hack your computer or worse.

Right Click on the link and select copy.

Paste the URL into NOTEPAD NOT into your web browser.

Carefully examine the URL.

If the URL does NOT include facebook.com it is NOT from FB.

Your bank might be wellsfargo.com and where you make payments might be payments.wellsfargo.com, so the hacker registers.


notice the difference

payments.wellsfargo.com is a sub domain OF wellsfargo.com

paymentswellsfargo.com is another website NOT owned by Wells Fargo.

Again, to prevent identity theft and fraud DO NOT CLICK LINKS.

Finally if you want to get super fancy, go to:


and put in the URL in the link.

You may be able to find out WHO sent the link.

ALWAYS send these links to the institution they were trying to imitate.