In fact, I was 6.7 years old when my mom got on the phone with my best friend’s mom and I remember hearing her ask, “Will Darrell like Star Wars?”

She got an “a ok” from her.

But, what most young people do not understand today, is that there had never been anything like Star Wars before.

Ships flew with grace and elegance.

Big, BOLD, symphonic theme music… in a Sci-Fi movie (what?!?)

In fact, it was said that without John Williams, the 1977 would have gone down as a B Rated Sci Fi Movie.

And when the new prequels came out, we ran to the theaters. And I don’t know about you, but I left a bit confused and frankly underwhelmed. The graphics were pretty cool. The explosions were loud.

George Lucas actually said that special effects without a story are meaningless and boring.

It seems as if he himself betrayed his own words when making the prequel movies. After all, we remember the Universal theme of light versus dark. Humans versus technology. The story that beaconed us back to ancient times and legends that moved the human race forward.

The spirit and mythology behind Star Wars is known worldwide. The fan following is huge. People live by it.

Does your brand do THAT?

Yes focusing on your story and telling a good one can help your business grow.

Back before your business started- when it was just you and a friend at a coffee house frantically asking for more napkins to scribble on.

What did it feel like? What was the inspiration that night while you sat up late with your cassette recorder and microphone, rambling your wild ideas?

Let’s work together to Awaken The Force That Started Your Business In the First Place.

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