About our CEO Digital Thought Leader Darrell Stern

The Voice Of Scooter Computer on ABC’s SchoolHouse Rock

darrell stern voice of scooter computer inbound marketingBack in the 1980s I was the voice of Scooter Computer on ABC’s School House rock. I fell in love with computers and had an Atari 400 with a Computer BASIC cartridge and a cassette tape drive for storage. Yes, kids we used to save data to cassette tapes.

During the Mid 90s I was doing stand up comedy in NYC and I started to see floppy disks labelled “Make Your Own Website” at the local computer store. I created my first website for my comedy back then and I said to myself, “This is IT” “This is what I want to do.”

So, as I tell my potential clients I went to the University of Barnes and Noble and taught myself HTML and later PHP CSS Javascript, JQuery AJAX and other programming languages.

In the year 2000 I worked for a major software developer and I was shocked by the exorbitant prices that large advertising agencies were charging in NYC for web design and SEO.

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My father was a Philosophy professor and taught me business ETHICS. I decided then in 2002 to quit my corporate job and start my own website design and inbound marketing agency.

While other unethical design and marketing shops have come and gone, a decade later I am still here working with both local Aurora businesses and international clients.

stern is a responsive website design and Inbound Marketing Agency dedicated to customer service and customer collaboration.

We work together with you to use every form of online technology and social media to promote your brand name locally or nationwide.