I have spoken with thousands of entrepreneurs and established business owners over the years, and one thing that has surprised me is how many still believe in putting all of their funds available into their website design and development and leave little or nothing for marketing.
If you built a new brick and mortar store down at the end of a dead end street and then didn’t post a sign a the corner saying “exit here”, how would you expect anyone to know you exist.
The rules of business remain the same on the web as they did before the web began.
Study marketing, study advertising, and study customer relations. Don’t think for one minute that your new website will magically start to gain and retain traffic and lead to sales.
Have a marketing budget, and don’t waste on AdWords and other pay per click services. Start by discovering all of the free ways to promote your business, find and know your target market and research what they read, where they go (both online and off).
stern helps businesses find their target market and creates pipelines to those places. These pipelines open the door to meaningful conversations and starting those is the essence of good marketing.