As a leading Inbound Marketing Agency, we work with our Content Marketing Clients on every aspect of their content and marketing to make sure our clients receive the most qualified leads possible through our marketing efforts.

Most websites have some sort of contact button or better yet a phone number displayed prominently on their pages. (I would hope yours does) And most websites have a contact us page with a web form and a phone number and address.

So what we are hoping for is that web visitors will be enticed enough to fill out your contact form or give you a call, but how do you lead a web visitor to do that?

Well, hopefully interspersed in your content you have some CTA’s or calls to action.

“Learn more”
“Give us a call”
“Free Consultation”

Now let’s examine how we can use better more inviting perhaps even soft selling language to get more website visitors and readers of your content marketing and inbound marketing campaigns to make that call and take action.

“We would love to help you solve this problem”

“Let’s collaborate and build a better (blank)”

We know how you feel and we want to help

“Let’s have a conversation about (blank)”

An inviting and not so selling and demanding call to action will help your business generate more leads and opportunities.

Try changing your calls to action and see if over the next 30 days you don’t start to receive more sales leads and opportunities.

And of course

We are always here to help


How’s that for a CTA!