How Denver brands like yours can use Snapchat

Snapchat is centered around brief content, so the last thing you want to do is upload long stories. You’re probably struggling to think of ideas to provide value while maintaining brevity. After reading about the types of content that perform well on Snapchat, you’ll realize how easy AND fun it is to use this social media site for business. You might become as addicted as millennials.

Short and Sweet Tutorials on Snapchat

You can only record a video for 10 seconds, so you need to make them count. It seems impossible to deliver value in 10 seconds but Snapchat allows you to stop recording for a pause and then resume when you’re ready. This is how users are able to upload quick tutorials on Snapchat. If needed, you can create mutiple snaps for the tutorial but don’t make your story more than five minutes long. Condense your tutorial as much as possible.

To create a short and sweet tutorial, break down the steps to the bare minimum. Consider creating screenshots of each step and using red arrows and only necessary text for user understanding. You can teach your followers how to make the perfect cup of coffee, how to create images with Canva, and whatever you can think of that’s relevant to your audience.

Share Your Best Tips on Snapchat

Tips are another form of content that perform well on Snapchat. Whether you sell a product or service, you can share tips that your audience will appreciate. For example, if you sell baby strollers, you can share tips on how to keep babies safe in the summer. You can upload your tips either in the form of video or picture, whichever works best for the tip. Remember you can add text and handwrite on snaps if it improves comprehension for users.

Demonstrate How to Use Cool Tools on Snapchat

Another way you can use Snapchat for business is to demonstrate how to use cool tools in your industry. Don’t skip this paragraph if you sell a product. Not only service providers can make use of this type of content. Think about what apps and software a consumer of your product would be interested in. Using the baby stroller example above, parents would be interested in parenting apps and tools that help them care for a baby. With research, you can find some cool tools to share with your audience. It’ll keep them coming back for more and establish you as an expert in your industry.

Share Your Opinions on Industry News in your Snapchat stories

Feel fired up about something that happened in your industry? Let your Snapchat followers know! If you’re a bit too fired up, as in angry, then give yourself a few minutes to calm down first and pause again before uploading a snap to ask yourself if it represents your brand accurately. If swearing is part of your brand and expected from your brand, then go for it. However, if you have a professional or calm image, then you don’t want to hurt that in the heat of the moment. Share your opinions on industry news as long as it’s relevant to your audience and is expressed in your brand’s voice.

There are many ways to use Snapchat for your business with the four methods listed above being some of the most effective. Keep these content types in mind as you use Snapchat and create a marketing plan, so that you never run out of ideas or post too much of one type of content. Also remember to keep your snaps as short as possible or else people will begin skipping your stories or unfollow you. Tap into your creativity to deliver snappy tutorials, tips, demonstrations, and industry news.

Now that you know how brands can use Snapchat, it’s time to create a marketing strategy. Contact me, “Scooter Computer” and let’s go Stern Storming.