Twitter Advertising

Gone are the days of placing an ad in the yellow pages of the phone book. Now is the time to jump on the social media wagon if you haven’t already because you can’t afford to miss out on the valuable marketing opportunities. Twitter is a prime example and this article will discuss three reasons why you should be using Twitter to reach your market.

You Are Connecting With Customers on Twitter & You Get Customer Feedback through Twitter

When you set up a Twitter account and take advantage of the advertising opportunities, you are joining millions of prospective clients. Set up a personal account to connect with them instead of incessantly marketing a logo. Show that your brand is personal and something they can connect with. Twitter has become a part of people’s daily lives, so when you are on Twitter, you are part of their daily live.

When you have a Twitter account you can begin to get invaluable customer feedback. People on Twitter will eagerly give you their thoughts on your product or brand. Don’t be afraid to use Twitter to reach out to the public and get their opinion on your company.

Share Your News On Twitter

Twitter is an excellent way to share the latest news about your company with the public. Many celebrities, large brands, and other entities use Twitter to release information and get a mass amount of people to see it. And once this news is released, your followers can re-tweet it to their followers.

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