What if you actually KNEW what to DO in your Digital Marketing?

Your Digital Marketing Jedi Audit will include:

Web Marketing Design

I will look through your website and teach you how to create language that MOVES your visitors emotionally to work with you.

Content That Moves Your Audience

Your law practice is a gift to the world, and so are you. I will show you where, inside YOU and your associates, your best content is and how to bring it from the inside out.

REAL Search Engine Optimization

Ever read a book? Ever look at an index in a book? You naturally SPEAK key phrases and words, and with a bit of practice, you can really start to reverse engineer what your ideal client is searching for and match your talents and knowledge to it.

BE A Home Town Hero

LOCAL SEO is something most do not understand. Let me show you what you are missing on platforms like Google Maps, and teach you how even YOUTUBE can pull local interest to your business.

Let’s #GetStern About Your Law Practice Digital Marketing